Bae Da-hae, remarks at the discussion on Animal Freedom Solidarity “There is no answer except for revision of the law”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Bae Da-hae drew attention with her remarks about animal rights.

On the 29th, Bae Da-hae posted on her YouTube channel, ‘Q&A has finally been uploaded! The sixth Vlog’ video was posted. In the released video, Bae Da-hae participated in the Animal Freedom Solidarity discussion.

She said, “I wrote a petition for about 17 years, and I also campaigned for signing. As a result, I knew that nothing could be solved unless the underlying problem was solved. I honestly think that there is no answer.” She expressed her views on the welfare of alienated animals.

Meanwhile, Bae Da-hae, a ‘Cat Butler’ who lives with three cats, is a 14-year member of the Animal Freedom Association. She continues to speak for animal rights, such as running a campaign to protect abandoned animals in 2015.

Photo|Capture Baedahae’s YouTube channel

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