Composer and producer Seo Dong-hwan, signed an exclusive contract with Antenna (official)

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Composer and producer Seo Dong-hwan joined as the producer line of Antenna.

Antenna official said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with producer Seo Dong-hwan.” “Seo Dong-hwan has been awarded this contract based on the strong trust he has accumulated over many years, such as participating in song work of musicians affiliated with Antenna. In the future, Seo Dong-hwan can engage in various creative activities. We will actively support so that we can do it.”

As a result, Antenna has built a solid producer lineup with the joining of Seo Dong-hwan following Yoon Seok-cheol.

Previously, Seo Dong-hwan showed off his musical talents by participating in songs such as Jeong Seung-hwan ‘Anytime Anywhere’, Kwon Jin-ah ‘Something’s Wrong’, and AKMU Lee Soo-hyun ‘ALIEN’.

In addition, Paul Kim, Yoo Seung-woo, Ong Seong-woo, etc. have also proved a wide musical spectrum, and recently, tvN ‘Startup’ and JTBC’s ‘Eighteen Moments’ are showing their musical capabilities by receiving successive drama OST love calls.

With the motto of ‘Good People, Good Music’, we are looking forward to the future activities of Seo Dong-hwan, who has joined Antenna, which is showing true music.

After graduating from Seoul Practical Music High School in 2015, Seo Dong-hwan entered the Department of Composition at Hanyang University, but after dropping out, he re-entered Berkeley College of Music and is currently on a leave of absence.

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