‘Neighborhood’ Oh Dal-soo, Jung Woo, Lee Yu-bi, 1st place commemorative appreciation photo

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The actors of ‘Neighborhood’ released special handwritten thanks and photos to the audience in commemoration of the 1st place in the box office the first week of release.

In commemoration of the 1st place in the box office in the first week of the movie ‘Neighborhood’ Jung Woo, Oh Dal-soo, Kim Hee-won, Kim Byeong-cheol, and Lee Yu-bi, handwritten thank you greetings and certified photos were delivered. From November 25, the first day of release, the actors of ‘Neighborhood’, who ranked first in the box office overwhelmingly and ranked first in the overall box office and reservation rate for 5 consecutive days, thank the audience who visited the theater in cold weather.

First, Jung Woo said, “The ‘Neighborhood’ box office is 1st place! Thank you!” He conveyed a strong fighting to all of the audience. Oh Dal-soo, Kim Hee-won, and Kim Byeong-cheol also handwritten a heartfelt thank you for the infinite love of the audience. Lee Yu-bi also released a lovely certified photo full of gratitude, saying, “Please give me a lot of interest and love for our moving film ‘Neighborhood’ with an expression that resembles the image of ‘Eun-jin’, the strongest in the movie.”

‘Neighborhood’ surpassed ‘Collectors‘ and ‘Run’ to become the number one new box office hit, drawing attention as a human-touch movie with warm laughter and emotion that will melt the frozen theater district. The warm thanks from the actors who are the protagonists of the box office hit, along with the film’s unforgettable story, will approach the Korean audience with extraordinary comfort and support this winter.

‘Neighborhood’ tells the story of an eavesdropping team in crisis of relegation and moving under the cover of a politician’s family in quarantine at home, monitoring it day and night.


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