The creator of ‘Benny’, Koo Kyung-sun, on ‘Shall We Talk?’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Artist Koo Kyung-sun, who created the character ‘Benny’, a so-called ‘national rabbit’, who is loved by her big ears, dongle, cute body, and various expressions, delivers a special ‘talk-to-view’.

Artist Koo Kyung-sun is an illustrator who created the familiar ‘Benny’ with KakaoTalk emoticons, and is also a travel writer who has a good influence in society. On December 1, through ‘Kakao TV Morning-Shall We Talk?’, she will share the artist’s sincere experiences from Benny’s first birth to growth, various stories behind the scenes, travel and paintings, and provide a calming healing experience to viewers.

Benny, which appeared in the world in 2008, is a character that has been loved by the public from the days of Cyworld until now. Artist Koo Kyung-sun said, “Benny is 14 years old in Korea this year. With a cute introduction saying, “It becomes more cute as It got older,” we are going to reveal the story behind Benny’s completion. The secret of Benny’s cuter appearance compared to that of Cyworld, the story of the process of drawing 20 frames one by one to create a moving emoticon, etc. The biography of Benny for 14 years she will tell is the charm of Benny. In addition, it reveals the artist’s own professional passion.

In ‘Shall We Talk?’, the first sketch of Benny Koo Kyung-sun’s first completed in 2007 will also be released. Benny’s unique visuals, said to have been completed for the first time while attending a fairy tale academy, and the sincere story of Koo Kyung-sun, who dreamed of becoming a fairy tale writer at the time, is expected to warm the hearts of the viewers.

Moreover, the deaf artist Koo Kyung-sun showed her deep affection by revealing that she projected herself on ‘Benny’. She heard that rabbits have the best hearing among animals in a book, and he said that she made Benny with the mind that ‘I want you to listen to me instead of me’. She added, “If I gain weight, Benny also gains weight.”

Along with this, she is planning to deliver warmth to viewers’ hearts by revealing the worries she had when she first started painting and the story of reflecting her appearance in the character. In addition, artist Koo Kyung-sun tells a wide range of stories, including various experiences she has felt while traveling around the world since the age of 31, and personal opinions about painting work as an illustrator, predicting special fun and warm feelings.

On the other hand, ‘Shall We Talk?’, through a new format called KakaoTalk interview, delicately depicts the subtle tension and exchange of subtle emotions flowing in the midst of a wordlessness, and properly snipes the emotions of the 1530 younger generation who are more comfortable than words. It is released on Kakao TV every Tuesday at 7 am.

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