‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, Kang Min-ah, real high school girls transformed… Became ‘Saebomgo’s Three Girls’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, and Kang Min-ah form Saebom High School’s three girls.

tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ (played by Lee Si-eun, director Kim Sang-hyup), scheduled for the first broadcast on December 9, has an appearance complex, but through ‘makeup’, Ju-kyung, who became a goddess, and Suho, who have wounds, meet each other’s secrets. A romantic comedy that restores self-esteem by sharing. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which is the most popular ever, and is directed by director Kim Sang-hyup, who was recognized for his sensational directing through ‘A Day I Discovered’, and is receiving hot attention from passionate fans.

In the play, Moon Ga-young plays the role of ‘Lim Ju-kyung’, a makeover goddess who hates to be noticed even when people die, Park Yu-na plays the role of ‘Kang Soo-jin’, Saebom high school goddess who combines beauty and intelligence, and Kang Min-ah is ‘Choi Soo-ah’, the owner of the world’s tension and strong affinity. I took on the role. Soo-jin and Soo-ah are planning to become best friends with Ju-kyung, who transferred to Saebom high school.

Among them, Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, Kang Min-ah in the unveiled stills show the spirit of ‘a pretty child next to a pretty child’ and attract attention. The best friend shot of three people wearing cute animal hats and exuding a refreshing charm brightens their eyes. Next, they smile head-to-head and smile, while the appearance of the three people immersed in the game in the game room makes them feel the charm of a fresh high school girl and makes even the viewers feel good.

Above all, Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, Kang Min-ah attract attention with their school uniform styling, each with a different personality. Moon Ga-young exudes innocence with pink knit, while Park Yu-na shows off her intellectual charm with a yellow check jacket, and Kang Min-a captures the eye with a plump charm with red check. As a result, expectations are raised for the best friend chemistry that Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, and Kang Min-ah, who have transformed into fresh reality high school girls with different charms, will emit.

The production crew of ‘True Beauty’ said, “Moon Ga-young, Park Yu-na, and Kang Min-ah appear as best friends in the play, so they are happily continuing the filming by showing a perfect performance. The three lively figures and chemistry will add to the fun of seeing. Please look forward to the drama.”

Meanwhile, the fresh and sweet romantic comedy tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ that will awaken the love cells will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, December 9.


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