‘Where is My Home’ Han Da-gam x Loco x Yang Se-hyung, ranked 1st in 2049 ratings for 44 consecutive weeks at the same time

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Where is My Home’ achieved the 1st place in the same time zone in 2049 ratings for 44 consecutive weeks.

MBC entertainment program broadcasted on the 29th, ‘Where is My Home’ (directed by Lim Kyung-sik, Lee Min-hee) won the ‘Apartment to Change Anything’ of the Bok Team, being chosen by the couple.

According to the audience rating research company Nielsen Korea, the main target of the broadcast on this day was 2.8% for the first part and 3.7% for the second part, ranking first in the same time zone for 44 consecutive weeks.

In the metropolitan area, the rating of households in the first part was 5.8% and the second part was 7.2%, and the second part was also ranked first in the same time period. The highest rating per minute soared to 7.9% for households.

On this day, a soon-to-be married couple seeking a new home in Seoul appeared as a client. The couple wanted a place within an hour by public transportation from Seoul Station and Gangnam Station, where two people work across Seoul. They also wanted a new or remodeled house, and they wanted amenities nearby and a park where they could walk.

In the return team, rapper Loco and Yang Se-hyung appeared. The first sale of the Bok Team was the Hapjeong Wedding Hall House in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu. There was a stylish living room reminiscent of a pure white wedding hall, a neat kitchen, and a mini yard. The second floor space had a cozy bedroom under the gable roof and a veranda overlooking the village.

The second sale was the ‘Change Anything Apartment’ located in Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu. It was recently remodeled as an apartment in the forest area. The stylish interior of white & wood and various accessories such as indirect lighting and ceiling fans made the newlyweds feel. There were also rooms with built-in cabinets and cabinets as standard options, and a room where you could see the forest when you open the window.

The last sale of the Bok Team was ‘Double-story Dulle-gil House’ in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu. Seonjeongneung Station (Line 9), located on the boulevard of Samseong-dong, was an 8-minute walk away. With a unique structure surrounded by a double floor of the ‘ㄷ’, you could enjoy the basic lighting and city view through the windows of the living room.

As a result, actress Han Da-gam and broadcaster No Hong-cheol appeared in the Deok team. Their first sale was ‘Mapo Home Restaurant’ in Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu. It was a new construction completed this year as a station area for sale located a 5-minute walk from Mapo-gu Office Station on Line 6. It was a small living room and kitchen, but next to the kitchen was a spacious dining room. In addition, there was a wide veranda, so it could be used in various ways, such as home camping.

Following this, the team introduced the ‘Hannam-dong Rooftop’ in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu. The spacious living room attracted attention with only Edison lighting to create a classic atmosphere. When they opened the living room window, they could see the whole village with a clear view. In addition, They were able to create my own movie theater in the secret duplex space, and the panoramic view of Namsan Mountain from the spacious rooftop.

Deok Team’s third sale was ‘Dongdaemun 3-Bangcony House’ in Jegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu. Jeongneungcheon is a one-minute walk away, and the interior was renovated last year, and the interior space was equipped with sophistication and modernity. There was a spacious living room and a ‘ㄷ’-shaped kitchen, and each room had a highly versatile balcony, drawing attention.

The Bok Team selected ‘Change Anything Apartment’ as the final sale, and the Deok team chose ‘Dongdaemun 3-Bangcony House’ as the final sale. The client’s prospective couple finally selected the ‘Change Anything Apartment’ for the Bok Team, and said that they liked the ‘picture-like view and wood & white interior’ for the reason.

MBC ‘Where is My Home’ broadcasts every Sunday at 10:45 pm.


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