‘2020 Practical Music College Song Festival’, Grand Prize = Dongduk Women’s University Shin Soi Band ‘Mirage’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The ‘2020 Practical Music College Song Festival’ ended successfully. The subject went to Dongduk Women’s University Shin Soi Band’s ‘Mirage’.

The final contest of the ‘2020 Practical Music College Song Festival’ presented by the Korean Federation of Music Performers and CBSi was held at Howon Art Hall in Seoul on the 27th of last month.

On this day, singer Park Ki-young was in charge of the performance of 16 teams from 3 pm to 5 pm. The performance started with the original song ‘C’ by Dale, a band composed of students from Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts, and then Howon University. The stage was filled with unique and colorful music that only college students have, such as ‘dance’ by the school’s Fargo team and ‘trauma’ by the Sujeong team at Dongduk Women’s University.

Various types of teams such as solo vocalists, duos, and bands appeared on the stage, and old students and youths who have a passion for singing regardless of age showed their skills comparable to those of professional performers.

The grand prize was won by the song ‘Mirage’ by Shin Soi Band composed of Dongduk Women’s University students, and was given 5 million won in prize money and a special privilege for the release of music. In addition, the b101 team of Howon, Myongji, and Dongduk Women’s University and the Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts Amon Earth team won gold and silver awards, respectively, and each took advantage of the prize money and music release. Following this, five teams received a total of 10 million won in prize money, including the Seokyeong University Janive Team and Howon University Taena Band Team, which were honored with bronze statues and popularity awards.

This event was organized as a public benefit project conducted with undistributed compensation from the Association of Korean Music Performers in order to expand the base of students who wish to become professional performers and to inform the rights of copyright.

The judges were Lee Jeong-hyun, Director of the Association of Korean Music Performers, Singer Kim Hak-rae, Singer Joo Byung-seon, Professor Jung Won-young of Howon University, and Lee Young-ji of Hoseo University.

Due to the COVID-19, the organizers measured the body temperature of the participants and wrote a guestbook when entering the participants, and completed quarantine throughout the venue before preparing for the performance.

On this day, the final stage was broadcast live through the IPTV STN channel and the University Song Festival YouTube channel, and you can watch the last qualifier stage and the final stage on the University Song Festival YouTube channel.


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