‘Cultwo Show’ Kai, a rookie singer’s artistic sense #Sexy dance #Trace #Nephew (total)

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Singer Kai accepted the ‘Cultwo Show’ with a sense of entertainment that is not like a rookie.

Comedian Yoo Min-sang as a special DJ and singer Nucksal and Kai appeared as a special DJ in the SBS Power FM ‘Cultwo Show’ aired on the 1st.

On this day, Kai sensibly introduced himself as “the new singer on the first day of his debut.” DJ Kim Tae-gyun raised Kai, saying, “Nice to meet you. I have something to congratulate Kai on. Kai’s new song took first place on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 50 countries around the world.” He added, “Thank you for giving the new singer so much love.” He expressed his confidence in the album, saying, “There are various versions of the album. Those who like my photos will like it.”

DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What do the EXO members say about the release of the album this time?” Kai said, “All the members said they were cool. This is the first time I saw a song filled with only my voice. I’m excited because the members tell me that the tone is good.”

To Kim Tae-gyun’s question, Kai answered “I have a great sense of entertainment. I’ve been training for 9 years (since my debut),” causing fans to laugh. Nucksal also added praise, saying, “I did a different broadcast with Kai, but the reaction is good.” In response, Kai replied, “I’m originally a cheerleader style.” Kim Tae-gyun asked, “I saw a variety show that was released in an independent house. Please tell me your feelings.” Kai confessed honestly, saying, “I am happy every day. But I don’t feel like living alone because my family comes to me every other day.”

Kim Tae-gyun also asked, “Did you do well with the interior?” Kai replied, “It’s been a while since I entered, so I plan to decorate it gradually after this year. I’m not familiar with the house yet, so I lose the remote control.” Kim Tae-gyun asked, “(I watched the broadcast) it was impressive that there were separate top and bottom rooms. Which of the tops and bottoms should I wear first?” Kai replied, “I wear the top and choose the bottoms,” and Kim Tae-gyun and Yoo Min-sang responded violently, “Are you going to go missing the bottoms?”

Kim Tae-gyun asked another question, “I heard that you like shopping. You don’t take a price tag.” “The jacket doesn’t remove the tag. The other clothes are removed. The hat I wore today was untagged in the morning. I didn’t remove the tag to sell it back when I didn’t have money,” said Kai. Nucksal said, “I did the same, but I fixed my habit. I want to refund it because the size is not right, but I can’t.”

In the middle of the broadcast, Kai showed off a sexy dance with a pelvic wave as the point, capturing the hearts of fans as well as DJs Kim Tae-gyun, Yoo Min-sang and Nucksal.

On this day, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “I saw Kai at a noodle restaurant in the past. He wore a sticky T-shirt that day. He was in good shape. I’m curious about the secret to body care.” Kai replied, “I check my diet to eat healthy foods. I’m also taking personal training,” he was shy. Kim Tae-gyun asked again, “I’m curious about the weight of Mr. Kai, who works hard in management,” and Kai replied, “I’m 64kg. I’m 182cm tall. When I do powerful choreography, I can get up to 68kg.”

In the broadcast that day, DJs and guests participated in the corner ‘Let’s go in the middle.’ ‘Let’s go in the middle’ is a corner where the 2nd place wins among the answers given by my three people about statistics for a specific question and gives a gift to the listeners who gave the same answer as the 2nd place. The question came up, “How long can I last to play with my nephews?” This is a question raised because guests Nucksal and Kai are both ‘uncles’ who have nephew and neice.

DJ Tae-gyun Kim first asked Nucksal, “How many minutes do you play with your nephew?” Nucksal confessed, “I have three nephews. Honestly, I play with my children for about 15 minutes. One at a time is fine, but three are difficult.” When asked the same question, Kai replied, “I have two nephew and niece. A boy and a girl. I only last up to 55 minutes. If my sister asks me to take care of her children for an hour, I tell her to call me in 55 minutes to pick them up quickly.” In addition, he said, “I went to YouTube ‘Heijini’ for my nieces. I appeared and received a gift and gave it to my nephew and niece. My nieces call me ‘Kaichun’,” he said, revealing his love for his nephew and niece.

DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What do Nucksal nephews think of Nucksal as a person?” Nucksal answered, “In the album released 5 years ago, there is a song whose intro starts with ‘Father’. It’s fun, so if you keep looking at me, you call it ‘Father’. You seem to think you’re just a person on the air.”

The DJs and guests each wrote down their answers. Eventually, Kai, who finished the median price, won the victory, and 17 listeners who gave the same answer as Kai also received gifts.

In the second half of the broadcast, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “Kai, how do you do laundry if you don’t take off the tag. I’m really curious.” Kai replied, “I use a styler or leave it to the laundry. If it doesn’t work, I’ll take it off and put it back on again.”

Finally, Kai said, “I am a solo singer now. I debuted this time. Please listen to how good the song is.” Nucksal said, “Sorry. I came out as a guest steadily for a month. I thought I would win all (‘Let’s go in the middle’ corner), but Kai took the victory,” he jokingly expressed regret.

Meanwhile, group EXO member Kai released his first mini-album ‘KAI’ on the 30th, and ranked first in 50 countries around the world on the iTunes Top Album Chart. In September, Nucksal released the second full album ‘1Q87’, which brought the motif from the novel of the same name.


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