‘Fairwell’ and ‘MINARI’, topical works to prove their power

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Following director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’, two sensational topics that will once again prove the power of Asia are exciting audiences ahead of their release.

The film ‘Fairwell’, which is scheduled to be released in December, is a sensational box office that makes 2020 happy like a lie, about the world’s warmest lies between Billy and her family living in New York for the rest of her grandmother’s time. The work of the best female director in Asia, directed by Lulu Wang, was released at the Sundance Film Festival last year and released in North America through A24, a trusted distributor that recognized ‘Moonlight’, ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘MINARI’ in an unusual copyright war between US distributors.

‘Fairwell’, which started from the autobiographical story of director Lulu Wang, created a sensation of word of mouth that it was’a real family movie that the audience really wants, faithful to the human emotions that can be shared universally.’ Achieved reverse driving. In addition, Rotten Tomatoes, as well as the top 10 films of the year selected by the American Film Critics Association and the American Film Institute, and Akwupina, who starred at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, won the Best Actress Award in the Musical and Comedy Movie category in Asia. Wrote a new history.

At the Independent Spirit Awards, which is called the preliminary exhibition of the Academy Awards, he overtook director Bong Joon-ho’s’ Parasite’ and won the best work award, which caused an exhilarating sensation like a lie.

‘MINARI’, which is about to be released in the first half of 2021, describes the warm and special story of a Korean family who chooses to immigrate to an unfamiliar American land in search of hope. Korean director Jeong Isak was in charge of directing, and Steven Yeon, Han Ye-ri, and Yun Ye-jeong appeared in the spotlight of domestic audiences early. Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B, who participated in the Academy Award-winning works such as ‘Moonlight’ and ’12 Years of Slave’, was in charge of the production, and A24, which distributed ‘Fairwell’, was in charge of distribution to North America, raising expectations. In the midst of being discussed as a ‘2021 Oscar prediction candidate’ by leading media such as Variety, Indie Wire, and The Guardian in the United States, it swept audiences at the Sundance Film Festival, Middleburg, Hartlan, and Denver Film Festivals, revealing a green light for the Oscar race.

‘Fairwell’ and ‘MINARI’ add curiosity to the autobiographical story of the director and the common point that the production designer Lee Yong-ok participated. ‘Fairwell’ is a work created based on the actual lies that director Lulu Wang made with his family, who heard the news of his grandmother’s time limit. As it began with an autobiographical story, not only did the filming in his real hometown, but also his aunt grandmother and dog Ellen appear in the work, adding interest.

‘MINARI’ is a work that tells the story of director Jeong Isak and the family, who immigrated from Korea to the United States, and is known to reflect many memories of the actual director’s childhood. The title also raises curiosity, saying that it was brought from the parsley planted and raised by her grandmother when she ran a Korean vegetable farm.

‘Fairwell’ and ‘MINARI’ are attracting more expectations with Korean production designer Lee Yong-ok. Production designer Lee Yong-ok, who moved to the United States after working on the film ‘Super Powers’ (2010), participated in ‘Fairwell’ thanks to the relationship that worked with director Lulu Wang on a short film. After that, he played an active part in ‘MINARI’ once more and became a filmmaker representing Asia with directors and actors.

Production designer Lee Yong-ok said, “’Fairwell’ focused on visually expressing the cultural differences between China and the United States from the perspective of the protagonist ‘Billy’, and ‘MINARI’ expresses the exotic feeling of strangers through the spatial characteristics and geographical background of Arkansas. I had a lot of worries in expressing.”

In addition, Han Ye-ri, the protagonist of ‘MINARI’, previewed ‘Fairwell’ and said, “I was very impressed. The Academy’s production crew’s loveliest movie” was highly praised, and the desire to watch the two works is growing.

‘Fairwell’ is scheduled to be released in December.


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