Jeong Dong-won fan club donated 68 million won in donation to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Jeong Dong-won’s fan club joined the donation.

On the 1st, a donation of 68 million won was donated to the Korea Children’s Am Foundation (Chairman Lee Seong-hee) located in Jung-gu, Seoul at the official fan club of Trot Singer Jeong Dong-won donated 68 million won.

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Jeong Dong-won’s debut, ‘Space Mobilization’ is a voluntary fundraising campaign by members to raise a donation of 68 million won to share their will with the artist knowing that Jeong Dong-won is doing good for his friends suffering from childhood cancer leukemia. And delivered it to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

An official of the ‘Space Mobilization’ who delivered the donation said, “We saw a miracle that was impressed by the accompaniment of the ‘Space Mobilization’ as we watched the donations accumulated every day. December 18th is the 1st anniversary of Dong-won’s debut. He is our artist and the artist of December. We want to make the ‘Space Mobilization’ so that everyone can spend happy sharing. We thank and thank you for all fans’ enthusiastic response, and also donate from the official fan club ‘Space Mobilization’ in the hope that young friends who are undergoing hard treatment will be healthy and happy as soon as possible.”

The Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation said, “From my first meeting with Jeong Dong-won at the foundation last year, I was able to feel that I was a singer with a warm heart, and it is amazing to see the fans also participated and created miracles for children struggling. We are deeply grateful for the delivery of this precious donation, and we will use it carefully for the medical expenses of our children. Thank you.”

Usually, Jeong Dong-won is doing good deeds, such as donating the proceeds of his first album to children with childhood cancer, and the official fan club ‘Space Mobilization’ also donates over 100 million won in donations and goods to the victims of the heavy rain. They are actively engaged in sharing activities.

Since 2001, the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation has been actively engaged in activities for children with childhood cancer, leukemia, and rare intractable diseases such as support for treatment and surgery expenses, outpatient treatment expenses, operation of pediatric cancer shelters, emotional support, and learning support.

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