Jung Seung-hwan will release Winter Single on the 8th… Comeback after 6 months

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jung Seung-hwan returns as a winter single on the 8th.

The agency’s Antenna said, “Jung Seung-Hwan will announce the Winter Single on the 8th and make a comeback. Jung Seung-Hwan’s unique winter sensibility will show the essence of winter ballads. We ask for your interest and expectation.”

With this, Jung Seung-hwan will make a comeback after six months after ‘anytime, anywhere’ in June. If ‘Anytime Anywhere’ contains a refreshing early summer sensibility, this winter single is expected to capture listeners’ ears with a warm and warm winter sensibility.

In addition, the antenna side released a surprise release of Jung Seung-hwan’s winter single teaser video through the official SNS, and the melodious melody in the winter atmosphere captivates the ears.

After his debut album ‘Voice’ on November 29, 2016, Jung Seung-hwan succeeded in successive hits for each song released for four years, and received attention as ‘Ballard Seson’, which continues the lineage of ballads in the music industry.

In particular, as he made winter into his main genre through ballads of winter sensibility, such as ‘That Winter’, ‘Snowman’, ‘Goodbye, Winter’, and ‘Confession of the 25th of December’, I feel anticipation for this winter single.

Meanwhile, Jung Seung-hwan will make a comeback after announcing the Winter Single on the 8th.


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