Rooftop Moonlight “Tension? It was already a maximum in ‘Blue Night'”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Rooftop Moonbit revealed their feelings on appearing in ‘2’o clock’s Date’.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘2’o clock’s Date, MUZIE and Ahn Young-mi’, broadcast on the 1st, Rooftop Moonlight appeared as a daily DJ. On December 1st, on ‘MBC FM4U Family Day’, where all broadcast DJs change for one day, Ahn Young-mi appears on ‘Dreaming Radio’ broadcasted at 8 pm and MUZIE on ‘Blue Night’ broadcasted at 10 pm.

On this day, the two opened the opening, saying, “It is a rooftop moonlight, Kim Yun-ju and Park Se-jeong,” in the enthusiastic hospitality of the listeners.

The listeners sent cheers such as “Cheer” and “Let me explode the tension”, and two members of Rooftop Moonlight made listeners laugh by saying, “It was exploding every day. It was maximum in ‘Blue Night”.

Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture
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