‘Sea Police 2’ On Joo-wan, chanting while watching the night sea… Lee Beom-su → Cho Jae-yoon ‘Surprised’ at the level of skill

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Sea Police 2’, On Joo-wan’s level of singing skills will be revealed.

The second broadcast of MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Sea Police 2’, which airs at 10:20 pm on the 2nd, will reveal the story of four new police officers entering full-scale work at an aging police box. This is a message from the production crew that the longer the time we spend together, the more attractive the four members are in four colors. Among them, On Joo-wan is expected to make ‘Sea Police 2’even warmer by transforming into an avid cop during the day and an emotional boy at night.

On this day, the four members spent their first day at the Aging Police Box through the autumn rain and headed to a boarding house in Bogildo. Since the first day, the four members, who were nervous as they were in charge of the actual situation in the rain, admired the delicious Wando seafood dinner prepared by the boarding house mother. Delicious food, warm people, autumn rain, and the night sea in front of you. It is said that the four members of the room, who became comfortable with their minds, quickly soaked in emotions.

In particular, On Joo-wan said he was happy enough to hum. It is said that Lee Beom-su and Cho Jae-yoon’s line moved to listen to On Joo-wan’s song. Even the youngest member, Lee Tae-hwan, was actively looking for MR. In the end, it is said that On Joo-wan sang’I Loved You’ by Kim Gwang-seok, pretending not to win. It is a message that he poured out all of his admiration for On Joo-wan’s high-level singing skills, sweet voice, and feeling that moisturizes the heart.

On Joo-wan’s ‘I Loved You’ song, as if watching a musical, followed by four men’s honest talk in the middle of the night. The first night of the emotional explosion of four new police officers will be unveiled at MBC Every1 ‘Sea Police 2’, which will be broadcast at 10:20 pm on the 2nd.


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