‘The Rebirth of the Family’ Sung Dae-Hyun X Sim Jin-Hwa appear on the Intestinal Health Special

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘The Rebirth of the Family’, a special feature on intestinal health will be held.

On the 2nd, at 9 am on the 2nd, tvN ‘The Rebirth of the Family(Director Moon Hee-hyun, Kim Su-hyeon)’ features a special feature on intestinal health to resolve chronic diseases of the whole country.

‘The Rebirth of the Family’ is a health restoration project for the whole family that analyzes the family’s eating habits and lifestyle habits and gives appropriate prescriptions based on family history. Every Wednesday at 9am, the TV show visits viewers with a close-to-life solution to prevent diseases that have passed down from high blood pressure and diabetes.

In the 3rd chapter’s health special feature, Sung Dae-hyun and Shim Jin-hwa will be active with delicious comments and special reactions. Sung Dae-hyun, who opened the opening, saying, “After the broadcast, there were many friends trying to find out their family history,” he plans to add laughter to the scene with a licorice comment. It is said that the reaction queen Shim Jin-hwa also showed a heartfelt reaction by showing empathy for 10 minutes, providing fun and warmth.

Nowadays, getting used to a stimulating diet, today’s broadcast is going to reveal tips on oriental medicine that are effective for suffering intestinal health and solutions to improve eating habits. Expectations are raised by predicting a lifestyle close-to-life prescription that will protect brain health as well as the secret of a blood spot massage that can be done easily at home.

The whole family health recovery project tvN ‘The Rebirth of the Family’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 am.


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