‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-yeop, and a freshly sweet Loco to strike women’s hearts

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s last romantic comedy ‘True Beauty’ in 2020 is raising expectations this winter, which will infinitely multiply the love cells of viewers.

TVN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ (played by Lee Si-eun, director Kim Sang-hyup), scheduled to be broadcast for the first time on the 9th, Lim Ju-kyung, who tries to overcome her lack of confidence in her appearance by makeup, and Su-ho, who has wounds, share each other’s secrets. A romantic comedy that restores self-esteem and grows. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which is the most popular ever, and is directed by director Kim Sang-hyup, who has been recognized for his sensational directing through ‘Extraordinary You’, and is receiving hot attention from passionate fans.

‘True Beauty’ attracted attention with the meeting of Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop, who have visuals that seem to have come out of a webtoon and have unique charms. In the play, Moon Ga-young is the makeover goddess ‘Lim Ju-kyung,’ who doesn’t want to show her face without makeup even when she dies, Cha Eun-woo is the cold-looking man ‘Lee Su-ho’ with selfish genes. And Hwang In-yeop plays the role of ‘Han Seo-jun’, a wild horse with perfect physicality. The drama is expected to emit a refreshing chemistry that makes you feel good.

Along with this, interest is raised with an interesting and unique material that makes you become a goddess through makeup. ‘True Beauty’ revolves around Lim Ju-kyung, a high school girl who has an appearance complex. Ju-kyung is alienated from her friends because of her appearance, and the moment her self-esteem hits the floor, she meets the means of makeup and changes. Accordingly, Ju-kyung’s changing process of recovering her self-esteem through makeup and overcoming a lonely and difficult situation with her own method is expected to evoke sympathy from many people. In addition, Ju-kyung’s positive and bright side will inspire viewers to smile.

In particular, in this process, the gap between ‘Naked Ju-kyung’ and ‘Goddess Ju-kyung’ before and after Ju-kyung’s makeover, and unexpected situations unfold, and it is expected to present both laughter and empathy. Above all, the expectation is rising that Ju-kyung’s struggle to defend the naked face from Su-ho and Seo-jun, and some poten rising in it, will make the clowns exhilarating.

In addition to this, there is a director Kim Sang-hyup who will capture the stories of Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop in ‘True Beauty’. Director Kim Sang-hyup made viewers immerse in the fresh direction of ‘Extraordinary you’ and the visual beauty of the freshness of teens intact. Is further amplified.

As such, ‘True Beauty’ is expected to create a romantic comedy that will make the winter of 2020 sweet like chocolate with the visuals, good performances, and sensational productions of actors boasting a high synchronization rate with characters based on unique materials.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on Wednesday the 9th.


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