TXT, ‘all-round stone’ that is good at ASMR…a lovely boy band

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

TXT Huening Kai and the Yeonjun challenged ASMR.

On the 30th, Mnet Digital Studio’s YouTube channel M2 released a video titled ‘Who is the Bachelin’s restaurant chosen by Huening Kai and the Yeonjun?

In the video, Huening Kai and the Yeonjun continued the interview with voices whispering to the name of the corner of ‘Tingle Interview’.

They said, “Is Yeonjun still sweet and fluffy cotton candy?”, “What does Huening Kai taste like?” In response to unusual questions such as, he also showed cotton candy and jelly food, and exploded TMI when asked, “Is it cream or oil to use to remove makeup?”

When asked, “Which member’s belly feels the best?”, the Yeonjun, who often touches the members’ belly, replied, “Originally, Soobin liked the belly too. But these days, Huening Kai is overwhelming.”

Fans responded with “Tingle-filled interviews”, “I have to sleep while watching… How do I sleep if my face is like this?”

On the other hand, TXT released ‘minisode 1: Blue Hour’ in October and was active.


Photo|M2 YouTube capture

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