Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun renewed contract with current management company Starit Entertainment

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun couple re-contract with the current agency Starit Entertainment and continue their precious relationship.

On the 1st, the agency Starit Entertainment said, “Actror Woo Hyun, and Actress Cho Ryun, and recently signed a renewal based on deep trust and trust.”

Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun have been in a relationship with Starit Entertainment in 2017 and have continued a solid partnership until the present day. Through this renewal, the strong trust and a strong bond between the artist and the company have been revealed.

Starit Entertainment CEO Kim Da-Ryeong said, “We are very happy to be able to continue a precious relationship with Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun” and conveyed his gratitude toward the couple for making a loyal choice. The CEO added, “both actors have unrivaled personality and strong acting skills. They are great actor and actress with a passion for acting and will provide full support so that they can demonstrate their value as an actor, so I ask for a lot of support and interest from Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun in the future.”

Starting with the 2003 movie ‘Article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea’, Woo Hyun appeared in numerous works, crossing screens and CRTs, and proving that she is a luxury actor by receiving favorable reviews from viewers for her acting with unique personality and age. Recently, they have confirmed appearances in dramas ‘Day and Night’, ‘Law School’, and the movie ‘Handsome Guys’ and are continuing their active activities.

Cho Ryun also debuted in the 2000 movie ‘Oh Sujeong!’, and has solidified her own color with stable acting in various works, and recently, with detailed expressive power in works such as ‘More Than Friends’ and ’18 Again’, proving herself as a venteran actress.

Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun show their continuous activities in movies and dramas, raising expectations for the synergy and acting activities that the two will create after the renewal of the contract.

Meanwhile, in Starit Entertainment, where Woo Hyun and Cho Ryun  signed exclusive contracts, broadcasters Lee Sang-min, Heo Jae, Seven, Ji-sook, Narsha, Lee Ji-ae, Gong Seo-young, Shin A-young, Kim Hyo-jin, Kim Jun-hee, Seo Yu-ri, actor Guidance Award, Hong Yeo-jin, Jeon Jin-ki, Lee Eul, and Shin Seung-hwan , Shin-i, Hwang Tae-gwang, Han Soo-yeon, Lee In-hye, Baek Seung-hee, Hwang Dong-joo, Son Sang-kyung, Hwang Baul, Kim Eun-young, Park Shin-woo, Kwon Young-min, Hong Jun-ki, Han So-eun, Nam Young-ju, singer Kuing, composer Kim Gun-woo, stylist Kim Woo-ri, dance sports player Park Ji-woo, chef Seo Hyun-myeong, etc. It is done.


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