Gamst, stalker disturbance during live broadcast “A fan of an announcer”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

It was revealed that YouTuber Gamst suffered from a stalker during live broadcasting.

On the 1st, Gamst broadcasted live on Africa TV. While conducting the broadcast, a man engaged in a disturbance, knocking on the door and kicking from the outside, and Gamst responded skillfully to the turmoil by contacting the police saying “I’m not going” and drew attention.

The man continued to behave crazily, such as constantly swearing, but Gamst was not shaken, such as recording a voice. Netizens responded with anxiety to Gamst, saying, “Are you okay?” He immediately replied to fans, by saying “I’m okay.” He added, “It’s the 30th time,” he added, “After filing a complaint, we agreed to do that.”

The man who made a riot is a fan of MBC’s Announcer. Gamst explained, “Because I’m on the air with the announcer, he asked me whether I’m having a romantic relationship with the announcer. He even sends 900 spam messages everyday. He comes to me and swears.”

Earlier, this man broke into Gamst’s broadcast in May. At the time, Gamst said that the man was carrying out legal action, claiming that the man was injured for two weeks by bombarding Gamst’s manager.

As this man continued to behave more and more radically, netizens responded with “What the hell is this?”, “You shouldn’t withdraw your complaint”, and “You have to take legal responsibility.”

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