Kim Min-kyung,’Exercise Ddung’, tears at the national athlete’s village… Why?

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Min-kyung finally entered the national athlete’s village.

In the web entertainment ‘Exercise Ddung’, which will be released on the 2nd, Kim Min-kyung is depicted challenging the first cycle of her life. In a pre-interview, the production crew, who heard the story “I’ve never ridden a bicycle,” said, “I will end the recording as soon as Kim Min-kyung rides a bicycle.”

As a result, Kim Min-kyung said, “You can’t ride only with passion,” but Kim Won-kyung, a national player who started as a coach, encouraged confidence by saying, “Image training is important and is possible.”

With the help of coach Kim Il-ho and national player Kim Won-kyung, Kim Min-kyung, who got on the bike, said, “I feel very good when I run!” and revealed the charm of the bike that I first felt. But soon, “I wanted to come here because the rice in the athlete’s village was so delicious. She said, “I go to eat when it ends quickly.”

On the other hand, on this day, Kim Min-kyung showed tears for the first time after recording ‘Exercise Ddung’. Kim Min-kyung, who was upset, saying, “It’s a bike that everyone rides, why can’t I?” said he was sorry to the production crew and the coach who were working hard because their skills did not improve as much as their motivation. It will be released today (2nd) at 6pm.

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