‘Miss Trot 2’ confirmed the first room at 10 pm on the 17th… ‘Love Call Center’ moves to Monday

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Miss Trot 2’confirmed its first broadcast at 10 pm on Thursday, December 17th.

TV CHOSUN’s original trot audition ‘Miss Trot 2’is the third ‘new concept trot audition’ program released by TV CHOSUN, which raised the status of ‘K-Trot’ with ‘Miss Trot 1’and ‘Mr. Trot’. In particular, ‘Mr. Trot’, which ended last March, recorded 35.7% of viewership ratings, and has been struggling to continue the record parade of the highest ratings that overturned the history of the final episode.

‘Miss Trot’ series, which stood at the center of the craze with high audience ratings and explosive topicality every season, is once again spurring the discovery of the next generation trot stars from teens to 80s through the third season ‘Miss Trot 2’.

‘Miss Trot 2’confirmed its first broadcast at 10 p.m. on the 17th (Thursday), and announced the ‘3rd Trot Revolution’, which wrapped up the home theater on Thursday night with a hot trot frenzy. Moreover, this ‘Miss Trot 2’attracted a whopping 20,000 applicants for about 5 months, and the situation was proud of a high competition rate at a record level throughout the previous season. In addition, as the participants were carefully selected through a total of more than 20 preliminary trials, the elite members with both beauty, skill, excitement and talent are expected to present an upgraded stage.

In ‘Miss Trot 2’, a group of 17 gold masters, including MC Kim Seong-ju and Special Master, will sort out, adding firepower to the high expectations. Existing masters Jang Yoon-jung, Cho Young-soo, Jin Sung, Shin-ji, Kim Jun-su, Boom, Jang Young-ran, as well as ‘Mr. Trot’ TOP6 members, and ‘New Face’, including Park Sun-joo, Son Jun-ho, Kim Yong-im, and Kim Young-ok, decided to join, with a sharper evaluation criteria It is making its ambition to exert all efforts to discover the global Empress Trot.

On the other hand, as ‘Miss Trot’ confirmed its first broadcast on Thursday, ‘Love Call Center’, which was broadcast in the existing time zone, will move from the 21st to 10pm on Monday. From the existing TV CHOSUN entertainment that is loved for its quirky and unusual contents, as well as the upgraded and returning ‘Miss Trot 2’, TV CHOSUN entertainment has completed the ‘perfect lineup’ that will color weekday nights with laughter and emotions. It is expected to bring plenty of fun to the home theater.

The production crew of’ Miss Trot 2’said, “Participants armed with stronger skills and splendid performances will show off their charms.”


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