MONSTA X appeared on FOX5’s ‘Good Day New York

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group MONSTA X revealed the latest status through ‘Good Day New York’.

MONSTA X appeared on the famous talk show ‘Good Day New York’ of the FOX5 channel in the U.S. broadcast on the 1st (local time) and conducted an interview with video.

The broadcast was followed by Monsta X’s second ‘Good Day New York’ appearance since July 2018, attracting high interest from local viewers, and on this day, Monsta X appeared in a modest appearance and recently released their 3rd regular album ‘FATAL LOVE’. “It’s the third regular album with high participation of our members,” they said, “it’s really fantastic, so it would be nice if you could listen to it together.”

In the music video of new title song ‘Love Killa’, the members showed a fascinating and unconventional visual with the motif of the villain character in the movie. They also expressed their confidence in the new song by saying, “We think this concept goes well with ‘Love Killer’,” they said. “We wanted to make the appearance of a deadly killer who completely snipes the hearts of the listeners and takes it away.”

It also revealed the current situation in the COVID-19 situation and the album preparation process. The members said, “We’re doing as usual. We’re practicing, recording, diet and body management, and digesting the schedule.” “We are all doing very well,” saying, “We are all doing very well,” and taking a posture showing off the muscles of the arm, making a cheerful smile. “The members all lost weight while preparing for the album. We repeated the schedule and the choreography practice, and all of the members continued to exercise.” Even though they are still living in a dorm together, they do not fight.” They also revealed the secret of strong teamwork.

Until now, MONSTA X has been actively working around the world, but the world tour is not easy due to COVID-19. In response, Monsta X said, “I believe that COVID-19 will stabilize soon. Unfortunately, we are waiting for the day to be able to do a world tour soon.” The members said, “I firmly believe that everything will be okay, and I am hoping to meet overseas Monbebe as soon as possible. I hope you will continue to send your interest and love to MONSTA X with a healthy appearance at home.”

MONSTA X appeared on a popular talk show in the United States even in a situation where it could not be active overseas due to COVID-19, conveying the current situation with a pleasant talk and expressing affection for fans. With ‘Love Killa’ of the recently released 3rd regular album ‘Fatal Love’, MONSTA X won two music broadcasts at the same time as their comeback, and won the 1st place on the Hanteo global chart monthly in November. Awards (2020 AAA)’ at the ‘Stage of the Year’ award, demonstrating the great interest of domestic and foreign music fans.

MONSTA X is active in various fields by appearing in various entertainment programs and year-end awards ceremonies after finishing the activity of the new song ‘Love Killa’.

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