Rookie Yeon Si-woo signs exclusive contract for Bicesters Entertainment

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rookie Yeon Si-woo is preparing for a new start in cooperation with Bicesters Entertainment.

Bicesters Entertainment announced on the 3rd that “We signed an exclusive contract with actress Yeon Si-woo and share the future.”

Born in 1999, Yeon Si-woo is an actor with a variety of charms and acting skills that are not like a rookie. In addition, as a student at Berkeley School of Music, it is said that she has great music skills and expectations for future development. She plans to visit the public in various fields in the future.

With an exclusive contract, Yeon Si-woo is attracting attention by notifying the news of the casting on KBS2’s new drama ‘Imitation’ (director Han Hyun-hee, writers Kim Min-jeong, Choi Sun-young, production hidden sequence, plan Kakao Page, KBS).

The drama ‘Imitation’ is based on the Kakao Page webtoon of the same name. Yeon Si-woo is going to find viewers by taking the role of ‘Annie’, a girl group member who has debuted in the drama. In the age of 1 million idols, it is expected to become a dedication to Korean idols that support all the stars who dream of being real.

“Thankfully, I am able to greet you with the anime of ‘Imitation’,” said Yeon Si-woo through her agency. She added, “As it is a drama debut, I am working on filming with half anxiety and excitement. Based on the actual experience of four years of trainees, it can be helpful to the play. I will do my best to make it.”

“Yeon Si-woo is an actress with infinite potential and potential for growth, so we will actively support you so that you can fully unleash your talents and capabilities, so please look forward to her.” said Bicesters Entertainment.

On the other hand, Bicesters Entertainment, which Yeon Si-woo signed an exclusive contract with, is a professional actor management company with Jeon Mi-do, Park Seong-yeon, Jung Yoo-mi, Lee Do-guk, Song Min-ji, Ha Young, Yang Dae-hyuk, Lee Dal, and Song Deok-ho.

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