‘Boom Boom Power’ Boom “All the performers who contacted Lee Chan-won are COVID-19 prosecutors + self quarantine”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Boom revealed that it was classified as a close contact and was tested for COVID-19.

SBS Power FM and SBS Love FM ‘Boom Boom Power’, which aired on the 4th, were broadcast at Boom’s home, not in the studio.

The recent boom has become a close contact with Lee Chan-won, who was confirmed for COVID-19. After receiving a negative test for COVID-19, he is self-quarantined at home. This day, too, it was held at home.

Boom said, “Yesterday, a lot of people contacted me and supported me.” “All of the celebrity staff who broadcasted with Lee Chan-won (confirmed with COVID-19) are being tested and self-isolation. I got up yesterday early morning and had a COVID-19 test. A voice came out, but I am awakening to meet the guidelines of the health authorities.”

He said, “As a result of talking with (producer), I will greet you at Boom’s house from today.”

Boom also emphasized, “I think each person should keep safety and health by thorough personal hygiene.”


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