‘Idol on the quiz’ GOT7 Jinyoung, the charm that goes back and forth with neungcheong + squid

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Idol on the quiz’ GOT7 Jinyoung explodes the charm by going back and forth between braveness and cowardness.

KBS2’s ‘Idol on the Quiz’ broadcast on the 5th (director Park Hyun-jin) is a program where multinational K-POP idols compete in a sparkling quiz to win the quiz. GOT7 Jackson, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, and BamBam appear as the 20th guest who will give a laugh bomb that bursts in seconds to ‘Idol on the Quiz’ and have an exciting quiz battle.

GOT7 is a 7-member multinational boy group that means ‘seven men with luck’. Since their debut in 2014, they have won numerous awards, including the Asian Artist Awards Singer Award, Performance of the Year (2020), the 34th Golden Disc Awards, Album Bonsang (2020), and the Mnet Asian Music Awards Favorite Dance Performance Award (2019). It is famous for its powerful performance that swept away. With the recent release of the 4th regular album, GOT7 is attracting keen interest in the activities GOT7 will unfold as it has won first place on iTunes in the United States and showed off the power of K-Doll, which is the world’s attention.

In the meantime, interest is drawn by the fact that the camp demonstrates the new Pele, whose answer is correct. On this day, Jinyoung said, “Something has come. I’m here now”, but he was convinced of the correct answer, but every time it triggered an extraordinary point that subtly deflected it, he aroused resentment from the members. In the end, Yugyeom struggled with pain and turned the studio into a sea of laughter, saying, “Jinyoung is unconditionally opposed to what Jinyoung is saying.”

In addition, it raises curiosity that Jinyoung obstructed MC Jang Seong-gyu and Kim Jong-min’s speech with a godly transaction. During the dance recipe, Jinyoung suddenly felt a 2% shortage in her senior’s dance, saying, “If our members dance better, do you recognize the score? Yugyeom is really good at playing.” Along with this, it is said that Yugyeom came out on the stage and showed not only the youthfulness that surpassed the girl group, but also the choreography that was not in the recipe, making everyone’s eyes wide.

Jinyoung will be able to prove the title of ‘Idol Pele’ once again, and his performance can be confirmed in ‘Idol on the Quiz’.

‘Idol on the Quiz’ ends 20 episodes on the 5th.


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