‘Mank’, Netflix released at 5 o’clock today (4th) [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The behind-the-scenes of the production of Netflix’s masterpiece ‘Mank’ was released before the Netflix release at 5 pm today (4th).

‘Mank’ is a Netflix film that re-examines Hollywood in the 1930s through the process of writing a screenplay for the classic ‘Citizen Kane’, a cynical and bitter social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz.

In the same time as the movie ‘Citizen Kane’, it gave the impression that it was produced in the same era, but in 2020 ‘Mank’ unique film was completed with a production method similar to that of ‘Citizen Kane’, which was not bound by the times. Not only was it produced as a black-and-white film at the will of director David Fincher, but also actively utilized the deep focus technique, one of the most distinctive features of ‘Citizen Kane’. The deep focus focuses on both near and far view to cover the entire screen. It is a technique of shooting clearly, giving the same weight to what is happening in the foreground and background, giving the viewer the freedom of gaze and allowing the director to contain more information.

Cinematographer Eric Messerschmidt said, “I wanted to pay homage to the size and size of the world and the subject of a fallen man from a broad perspective. And visually, the deep focus was really a big concern and focus.” His remark stimulates curiosity.

At the end of certain critical scenes, a dramatic fade effect is used to catch the eye. Unlike other films where transitions are usually handled by CG or editing, director David Fincher actually tried a more dramatic and exaggerated way of turning the lights on and off on the set. As it is photographed in black and white, he studied more various shades and patterns, and put a lot of effort into the use of clothes and props so that it is easy to shoot and can be seen well on black and white screens. Various worries also entered the place. The luxurious house of William Randolph Hearst (Charles Dance), a pioneer of the yellow press, has been recreated in a variety of architectural styles, from Spanish colonial style to Gothic style, to classicism by referring to hundreds of images. On the other hand, the small bungalow that Mank (Gary Oldman) devoted to the writing of ‘Citizen Kane’ created the opposite atmosphere with a simple desert ranch style. It is a work that David Fincher has been holding in his heart for a long time, and his masterpiece ‘Mank’, which was completed by paying attention to small parts for a long time, will be released today in Hollywood in the 1930s.

The enthusiastic applause of domestic and foreign media for ‘Mank’ is also pouring, adding to the expectation.


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