‘On and Off’ Ayumi “I started to prepare for marriage 5 years ago”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ayumi appears in ‘On and Off’.

tvN ‘On & Off’, which airs on the 5th, Ayumi, who ends her career in the Japanese entertainment community and came to Korea 11m months ago.

In the broadcast that day, Ayumi reveals her frugal daily life. As soon as Ayumi wakes up in the morning, she starts her day as a ‘saving Ayumi’ by unplugging all visible electronic code codes. In addition, a laugh at the studio saw Ayumi attaching a mask pack to her face and scraping the remaining contents to her soul. Even burst. In response, Ayumi tells the story of being frugal, saying, “I learned that there are electricity and gas bills after I started, and after looking at that amount, I naturally saved it.”

Meanwhile, Ayumi is studying the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and shows another charm. Ayumi, who sees the video of Sharon Choi, who plays a wonderful interpretation next to director Bong Joon-ho, says that she dreams of becoming a Korean-Japanese interpreter, immediately enters the hiatus mode. Ayumi, who listened to Japanese on a CD and tried to translate in Korean at the same time, struggled with shouting “Wait a minute!” at a very fast pace, and finally decided to study poor Korean first. Ayumi, who was studying while reading internet articles as well as articles about herself written in open encyclopedias, caused laughter by encountering some inaccurate information and somewhat radical expressions.

After studying, Ayumi prepares dinner for guests. Actress Jeon Hye-bin, who has been close friends for a long time, decided to visit. Ayumi introduces Jeon Hye-bin as “a close relationship enough to come to see herself when she is in Japan and to take care of the holidays when she is alone in Korea.” The two share the current situation while eating Kimchi rolled steamed pork belly cooked by Ayumi herself. Ayumi said that he envied Jeon Hye-bin, who lives happily after getting married, and said, “I was ready for marriage from 5 years ago,” and made a big smile.

The two are excited by watching a video during their entertainment activities about 15 years ago. Jeon Hye-bin, who has turned to an actress, wants to hesitate for a while saying that he has quit dancing, but quickly clears the table and shows off his excitement in earnest. The two are not only Ayumi’s ‘Cutie Honey’ and Lula’s ‘3!4!’ Perfectly digests the dance. Even in the studio who watched this, they chanted Jeon Hye-bin’s past nickname,’Isadon’, and happily followed the dance. You can check the memories of the two dancing gods, the King of Dance, through the broadcast.

On the other hand, on this day, Jang Ye-won’s bucket list challenge, a former SBS announcer and turned freelancer, and the special daily life of Hwang Bo, who became a rich hobbyist, are revealed.

Ayumi’s daily life will be unveiled on tvN ‘On and Off’ at 10:40 pm on Saturday the 5th.


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