Ahn Ye-eun, cheering for Wan Lee-hwa of the ‘Trot National Festival’

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Ye-eun cheered for Wan Lee-hwa of ‘Trot National  Festival’.

On the 7th, Ahn Ye-eun delivered a message of support for Wan Lee-hwa through her official Instagram story.

Along with the appearance of Wan Lee-hwa singing at KBS2 ‘Trot National  Festival’, Ahn Ye-eun selected her own song ‘Sangsahwa’, saying, “I always think that it is very meaningful to sing a song that I worked on with any voice anytime, anywhere.” She expressed her gratitude for Wan Lee-hwa for singing her song.

In particular, Ahn Ye-eun said, “I am grateful that singing in the contest program has another great meaning. I hope you have a good result in the competition.”

In the ‘Trot National Festival’, which aired for the first time on the 5th, Wan Lee-hwa revealed the story of her father who left in an accident and sang ‘Sangsahwa’ of Ahn Ye-eun, and various portal sites with unbelievable sad sensibility and vocal skills at 14 years old. I received hot attention by posting my name on the search word.

The clip video of Wan Lee-hwa’s ‘Sangsahwa’, which released the ‘Trot National Festival’ Naver TV after the broadcast, is also receiving high views, and is flooding with supportive comments from sincere viewers.

‘Trot National Festival’, which has proved topical from the first broadcast through the stage and story of the unique players, is broadcast every Saturday afternoon.


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