‘Awaken’ Nam-gung Min and Lee Cheong-ah, strong doubts towards each other,’tight tension’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Awaken’ Nam-gung Min and Lee Cheong-ah start to sharply set the blade to each other, creating a sweaty tension in their hands.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Awaken’ (playplay Shin Yoo-dam, directing Kim Jeong-hyun) is a preliminary murder mystery that uncovers the secret of a mysterious incident that took place in a village 28 years ago, which is related to a series of mysterious events.

In the previously broadcast ‘Awaken’, in just two episodes, the main character Nam-gung Min (played the role of Do Jeong-woo) was pointed out as a leading suspect of a serially predicted killer, and the story attracted viewers. In the meantime, the 3rd trailer containing the tight nerve war between Lee Cheong-ah (Played the role of Jamie) who reveals a strong suspicion toward Nam-gung Min who provokes Lee Cheong-a is released, causing a feeling of nervous tension.

The 3rd preview video begins with another ‘murder notice’. A special team, including Do Jeong-woo and Gong Hye-won (played by Kim Seol-hyun), continues an intense investigation over the newly discovered evidence, while Jamie reveals doubts toward Do Jeong-woo on the surface, causing tension to soar. Prior to this, Jamie realized that Do Jeong-woo knew all the fatalities of the deceased, which only the predicted killer could know, and began to have strong doubts about his identity. Jamie said, “I don’t think Mr Do is in danger. “It looks dangerous,” she says, and he doesn’t stop at the line, “What are you hiding? You know something, don’t you?”

Above all, Do Jeong-woo’s reaction to this is interesting. Do Jeong-woo provokes Jamie’s suspicion without stubborn negativity or affirmation. Moreover, he said, “I guess I’m the culprit.” He looked at Jamie coldly and made the viewers freeze.

Meanwhile, Do Jeong-woo’s suspicious actions are captured one after another, further amplifying Jamie’s doubts toward him. He makes drugs alone in a closed room, and shows suspicion, such as paying close attention to Jamie, who is suspicious of herself. In addition to this, the trailer includes Do Jeong-woo scouting Gong Hye-won directly to a special team in the past, raising the curiosity of what Do Jeong-woo really is. Interest in the 3rd episode of ‘Awaken’ to be aired today (7th) is rising as much as attention is being paid to whether Do Jung-woo is indeed a predicted killer.

On the other hand, Do Jeong-woo and Jamie’s tense nerve wars, which reveal their borders and doubts, keep their eyes on one attempt, and even the trailer boasts the strongest immersion. Accordingly, in various communities and social media, “I look forward to the next episode”, “What is Nam-gung Min’s true identity? I’m so curious”, “The tension between Do Jeong-woo and Jamie is crazy”, “I guess there is a reason Do Jeong-woo brought Gong Hye-won from the transportation industry. I want to see you 3 times as soon as possible.”

tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Awaken’ will be aired 3 times at 9 pm on the 7th.


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