Kwon Mi-jin, “I cried while taking a test during pregnancy”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kwon Mi-jin shared the current situation during pregnancy.

On the 7th, Kwon Mi-jin posted a post on her Instagram story with a picture of the birth test.

She said, “My baby tries to contact to me. It gives me a signal that I am growing well, and my heart becomes calm. I can’t see it, so I listen to the baby’s movements more fully, and I try to stroke the untouched baby” .

Kwon Mi-jin said, “The day I first felt the birth, it felt like a bubble was rising very slightly, but now I am clear and strong. I am very happy with the birth.” In addition, Kwon Mi-jin expressed her deep love for the child by adding “Tears are spinning” to the Instagram story.

In response, netizens shared their joy with comments such as “I love the feeling of communing with my baby”, “Because the current state is the state, take care of yourself”, and “I will not forget the mysterious and thrilling first birth.”

Meanwhile, comedian Kwon Mi-jin married a male in the construction industry last August and is about to give birth next year.

Photo|Kwon Mijin SNS

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