Lee Chang-hoon in his 50s, after losing 15kg

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Chang-hoon lost 15kg in 100 days and showed off a muscular body.

Actor Lee Chang-hoon’s ‘100 Days of Body Project’ will be released on Channel A’s ‘Body God’ aired on the 8th.

Lee Chang-hoon became the ‘Body God’. Until now, among the ‘body’ families, there has never been a performer who has appeared as a ‘body’ rather than a panel. On this day’s broadcast, we are planning to dig into the diet challenge of actor Lee Chang-hoon, who successfully lost 15kg in just 100 days and returned to his heyday.

The test results Lee Chang-hoon received on the ‘Body God’ broadcast was shocking. As he enjoyed alcohol every day in his mid-fifties, his health deteriorated due to increased belly fat. Lee Chang-hoon, who said he was losing confidence in his reflection in the mirror, was advised to take care of his health, saying, “Would you like to live a wonderful appearance as an actor again?” It reveals that he has been stimulated and decided to lose weights.

As he is well past his 50s, he also thought that his chances of success were 0.01%, but he started a 100-day project because he thought that the only thing he could invest for himself is diet.

“I quit my friends to quit drinking for 100 days,” said Lee Chang-hoon, who said, “I did 1 hour of aerobic exercise in the morning, 1 hour of weight exercise after lunch, 1 hour of aerobic exercise for 6 days a week, and 2 hours of aerobic exercise in the evening. On Sunday, I did two hours of fasting aerobic exercise in the morning and aerobic exercise in the evening.”

The diet also revealed that he made a solid body with a diet of protein and water, such as chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and eggs, and vegetables based on onions, broccoli, and paprika.

‘Body God’ studio site, where 100 days of diet history achieved with 0.01% possibility was realized. ’15kg loss! The broadcast of the ‘Lee Chang-Hoon’s Body Project’ can be found at 9:20 pm on the 8th at ‘Body God.’


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