‘Soul’ canceled the premiere on the 9th, due to the COVID-19

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

Disney Pixar’s animated film’Soul’ canceled the premiere due to the COVID-19.

The movie ‘Soul’ official said on the 7th, “We inform you that the schedule of the media distribution preview of ‘Soul’ scheduled on the 9th has been postponed.”

The official added, “In consideration of the current situation of coronavirus, we have postponed the schedule for the media distribution preview. We will let you know the schedule for the media distribution preview for ‘Soul’ later.”

In addition, ‘Soul’ official added, “We ask for your wide understanding and understanding of the schedule postponement.”

‘Soul’ is where the music teacher who plays the band in middle school gets the chance to play at the best jazz club in New York, but an unexpected accident leads to a prenatal world where souls stay and discovers what is most important to life.

Actors Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey started acting as voices, and Director Pete Doctor of ‘Inside Out’, ‘Up’ and Kemp Powers co-directed it.


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