Wax “Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut, ‘Video Star’ is the only schedule”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Wax is on ‘video star’ with her best friends on the 20th anniversary of her debut.

MBC Every1 entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which airs at 8:30 pm on the 8th, is a special feature of Wax’s men, ‘Opa! What is Friendship?’. In the episode, Hong Seok-cheon, Jin Yi-han, and Lee Ki-chan appear on Video Star with Wax.

Wax celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut with guests packed with best friends. Wax, who is usually famous for being in the entertainment industry, has directly recruited best friends to appear with for this broadcast. In addition, Wax surprised everyone by saying that the only schedule commemorating the 20th anniversary of their debut was ‘Video Star’.

On this day, Wax is said to have shown a fantasy chemistry with her best friends. Wax aroused curiosity by revealing that she knew intimately the personal love history of the three best friends who appeared together. Including Wax, Jin Yi-han, and Lee Ki-chan, the three remained single for 15 years.

In particular, Wax revealed a special greeting method with Jin Yi-han, who has been resting for a long time. Instead of asking each other’s best regards, they take their own yin and yang. Whenever the two each complain of their loneliness, they say, “Isn’t there yang? I don’t have yin.” It is said that Wax and Jin Yi-han’s unique greetings made laughter.

Wax celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut, and took time to look back on the activities of the past 20 years. Only about 150 songs released during the activity period. Among them, I picked the best 3 songs that were most meaningful to me. Wax also expressed her extraordinary affection for the song ‘Breakfast’ on her 2nd album, which she ranked third as “a song I want to sing to the groom when I get married.” The 2nd and 1st songs that Wax directly selected will be released through the broadcast.

On the other hand, in the broadcast that day, besides Hong Seok-cheon, Jin Yi-han, and Lee Ki-chan, Wax’s Man No. 4 will appear as a surprise.

Wax and best friends’ chemistry can be seen on the 8th at 8:30 pm at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every One
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