‘2’o clock’s Date’ poetic narrator Doko x Seo-ah, full ability level → full of charm even if united (total)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

A mixed duo poetic narrator, made up of singers and composers Doko and Seo-ah, opened a charming talk.

On the afternoon of the 8th, a poetic narrator (Doko, Seo-ah) appeared as a guest in the ‘Unknown Invitational Seat’ corner of MBC FM4U ‘2’o clock’s Date of MUZIE and Ahn Young-mi’ (hereinafter ‘2’o clock’s Date’).

On this day, Seo-ah revealed the reason for forming a poetic speaker with Doko. Seo-ah said, “I originally worked as a solo Juniel. I was talking with the representative of the agency to do something interesting, and while I was talking with the representative of the agency, I received a recommendation for my friend Doko. I listened to the music and it was okay. So, we did a duet together.”

In addition, the reason why she participated in the poetic narrator with the stage name ‘Seo-ah’, which was taken from her real name Choi Seo-ah instead of the well-known name of Juniel, she said, “If I participate as Juniel, it seemed that the group of ‘Poetics Speakers’ would become Juniel’s group.”

Also, DJ MUZIE asked, “I made a lot of money with ‘Jurajura’?” Doko composed the hit song ‘Jurajura’ by comedian Kim Shin-young’s sub character ‘Aunt Dabi’.

Doko said, “I made quite a lot of money with ‘Jurajura’,” but said, “Shin-young keeps sending messages when the lyrics come up even in the early morning. These days, Dabi is busy, so she can’t contact me.”

On this day, DJ and Seo-ah X Doko also talked about the poetic narrator’s regular album that was recently released. Seo-ah introduced, “It consists of 12 songs. The title song is ‘We need to be careful.'” Doko added, “When dealing with people, you need to know carefully, emotionally or materially. That’s what it contains.”

DJ MUZIE asked Seo-ah, “Doko was in charge of composing and producing all the songs on this album. I know that Seo-ah also has the ability to compose, but is it not a pity?”

Seoa responded, “When I was working as a poetic narrator, I wanted to accept Doko’s opinion as much as possible. It was because I started a duet because I liked this friend’s music.”

The poetic narrator sweetly digested this album’s title song ‘We Need to Be Careful’ live.

On the other hand, Doko and Seo-ah revealed that they managed the opposite weight to prepare for the new album.

Doko said, “I worked hard on diet while preparing for the album. I tried to lose weight after doing music video shooting. I lost 4kg in two weeks. After 6 o’clock, I fasted and ate only water.”

In response, Seo-ah said, “I gained weight. I have to do this together, but there is a limit except for Doko, so I also gained weight by 4kg,” causing listeners to laugh.

Afterwards, they performed a live stage of ‘Sometimes I want to be insanely sick’ released in January. About this song, Doko also revealed the story behind the song, “I composed it while working alone.”

On this day, Doko also showed a more special stage. When DJ MUZIE asked, “I heard that I have been preparing a song for the two of us today,” Doko said, “I have been making a song for two days. I wrote the lyrics last night for my sister’s song with the desire to become close to each other. I haven’t completed the music yet. I couldn’t, but I’ll try to finish it here.”

Doko first played a song for the musician on the piano. Instead of the lyrics that haven’t been posted yet, the stage was completed nicely by humming the melody. Next, she released a song for Ahn Young-mi, ‘I want to eat ramen’. It was an impeccable song from sensible lyrics to delicate melody. DJ Ahn Young-mi said, “The title is “I want to eat ramen”, and the melody is so beautiful that it seems that the deliberation will pass. (Judges) I think I will be deceived.”

Doko pushed the momentum and released a ballad version of the trot song ‘Jurajura’. Ahn Young-mi praised him, saying, “It’s like a drama unseen ost because it’s arranged like this,” and the musician praised him, saying, “If you watch Mr. Doko from the side, he’s really good at all music.”

Finally, Seo-ah said, “It was fun to appear today. Please love the Poetic Speaker a lot in the future.” Doko also said, “It was a fun experience.”

Meanwhile, on the 6th, the poetic speaker released his first full-length album ‘Essay’ through various music sources.


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