Kang Min-kyung donated 30 million won for hearing impaired children

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Davichi member Kang Min-kyung made good deeds for children with hearing impairments.

Snail of love (Chairman Kim Min-ja), a corporation that supports the hearing impaired, said on the 8th that “Kang Min-kyung donated 30 million won to help deaf children.”

Kang Min-kyung performed a collaboration performance with pianist Lee Hoon on her personal YouTube channel in September. Lee Hoon is a pianist who overcomes sudden obstacles and plays the piano with one hand.

Kang Min-kyung said, “As I participated in a project with a good purpose with Lee Hoon, I thought about donating. I decided to donate to Snail of love because it would be good if it would help to find the sound to young children as a singer.”

Kang Min-kyung said, “As COVID-19 makes wearing a mask essential, hearing impaired people are having difficulty communicating, and I want to be a small help to this.”

“We are grateful for Kang Min-kyung’s warm sharing, and it will be a gift of hope to children with hearing impairments,” said Jo Young-woon, director of Snail of love. “The donations you send will be used for artificial snail surgery and social adaptation support projects for children with hearing impairments.”


Photo providedㅣSnail of love

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