Kim Jong-guk, MC in the semi-final of ‘K-Trot in Town 2’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The semi-finals of the TOP6 of ‘K-Trot in Town’ begins.

SBS entertainment program ‘K-Trot in Town’ is attracting attention with the heat that gets even hotter as the finals get closer. The fierce confrontation of powerful talents, which is not strange even if anyone falls apart, attracts the attention of viewers, and is firmly guarding the throne of demand for entertainment for 9 consecutive weeks.

Among them, the semi-finals with no place to retreat will unfold in ‘K-Trot in Town 2′, which will be aired on the 9th. Han Bom, Park Gun, Bae Ah-Hyun, Na Sang-do, Lee Je-na, Han Yeo-reum, Son Bin-ah, Jang Bo-yoon, Kang Moon-kyung, Choi Woo-jin, and Pung Geum and Kim Tae-wook, who came up through the resurrection of the loser and the cause, are planning to screen the six players who will go up to the final through a duet mission and a personal mission.

In this semi-final, Kim Jong-guk will be the MC following the last loser resurrection. Kim Jong-guk, who watched the semi-finals on-site, thanked him for being an MC, not a judge, and said, “It’s harder to choose than any other program.” This makes me curious about the best performances that can’t hide the superiority and inferiority than ever before, even when MC Kim Jong-guk fell into a psyche.

In addition, the stage of the semi-finals will be released as a sound source, raising expectations. It reflects the wishes of numerous viewers who want to listen to the contestants’ contests as sound sources. This will be revealed at noon on December 10th of ‘K-Trot in Town 2’.

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