‘Moon Hee-jun’s wife’ Soyul, first sexy concept stage “I don’t have a husband” (‘Miss Back’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Soyul challenges her first sexy concept with her sub character’Acacia’.

In MBN’s entertainment program ‘Miss Back’ (planning Nam Sung-hyun/Director Ahn Dong-soo, Kim Ji-eun), broadcast at 11 pm on the 8th, Soyul said that she presents a completely unconventional stage with a new character she has never played before. Focused.

Before the stage, Soyul introduces herself as a rookie trot singer ‘Acacia’ and surprises everyone with a bombshell saying, “I don’t have a husband.” She created her own choreography and showed a strong desire for the contest, and she plans to admire a stage different from her usual cute image.

On the other hand, Kim Hye-yeon makes viewers’ shoulders shake with the EDM trot medley. On the exciting stage of the senior singer, the members are drunk and enjoy a more enjoyable time than ever. Baek Ji-young also sings along one verse and raises curiosity that she could not escape from the trot lingering.

Also, on this day, the protagonist of the third track will be revealed. It is said that the mentors fell into a swamp of worries due to the particularly difficult examination. Interest is focused on who will be the protagonist of ‘Miss Back’s third life song ‘Up and Down,’ stained with the members’ overflowing talent and excitement.

Soyul’s stage, which made him unable to leave her body still for a while, can be seen on the MBN entertainment program ‘Miss Back’, which airs at 11 pm on the 8th (today).

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