‘The Show’ global trend NCT U → Super rookie BAE173… Large release of small mangum

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

NCT U, that is taking a global trend, and BAE173, a band made their first step in the music industry, dreaming of the favorite boy band for the public, will be revealed.

SBS MTV and SBS FiL’s music program ‘The Show’, which airs at 6 pm today (8th), features the stage of major singers.

In particular, BAE173, who made her first step in the music industry, is expected to steal the hearts of fans with a look full of passion and an uncontrollable beauty. In the corner of ‘The Show’, in which BAE173 appears,’ㅋㅋ Dance’ is a dance corner in which the performer answers a mission or question while performing the choreography, and the music starts again when successful. You can get a chance to become an ending fairy.

The protagonist of the first mission was Giant Baby Do-hyeon, who was given a mission in which he had to hold and hold a fixed number of stones within three chances. In addition, the full version of ‘Kha Dance BAE173’, where you can see the harmonious mission that turned the scene upside down, and the members’ chemistry and cute group missions, can be found on YouTube’s “The K-POP” (SBS Medianet)’ channel after the broadcast.

In addition, in the live broadcast video ‘The Show Contact’, Jaemin and Jeno of NCT U, who are walking the global trend, appear and share their TMI. First, Jaemin, who has a caring and caring personality, falls into a happy agony in front of the option of ‘cooking for members vs. taking pictures of members’. Next, Jeno, who is loved for his innocence falls into the biggest worries in his life with a difficult question.

The show, which is simultaneously broadcast live in 18 countries through MTV Asia channel, Aespa, BAE173, E’LAST, ENHYPEN, NCT U, NTX, STAYC, Woo!ah!, Nam Dali Trio, Nam Seung-min, Momoland, Ahn Yeeun, LOONA, Kuing, and the Big Picture will appear.


Photo courtesy| SBS MTV
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