Jo Yoon-hee returns to ‘Animal farm’ after divorce… Special MC sortie

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jo Yoon-hee will appear as a special MC of SBS ‘Animal Farm’.

Actress Jo Yoon-hee, who took a 9-month break after the KBS2 drama ‘Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life’ which ended last March. Jo Yoon-hee, a professional butler who has raised 14 stray dogs and handicapped dogs to date, is famous among his companions as a ‘guardian angel of the stray dogs world’. In addition to the steady voluntary activities of abandoned dog shelters, donations, and fundraising activities, in 2016, the story of direct rescue of abandoned dogs that fell in a car accident while going to a drama filming site in 2016, and healed them by paying large amounts of surgery expenses at their own expense became a hot topic. MC Shin Dong-yeop greeted the entertainment industry’s representative dog, Jo Yoon-hee, saying, “I thought we’d meet one day at an ‘Animal farm’, but we’ve met it now.”

MC Jeong Sun-hee also shed tears while listening to the stories of abandoned dogs that Jo Yoon-hee adopted and raised. Jo Yoon-hee also showed tears while seeing the story of ‘Reversal of Dogs’, and the back door said that the recording site on this day became a sea of tears. Indeed, attention is drawn to the story that made them cry.

There is another reason why Jo Yoon-hee’s appearance in ‘Animal Farm’ is extraordinary. This is because she appears in another animal project 2020 special program prepared by SBS, ‘About Pet-The Dog I’ve Encountered’.

‘About Pet-The Dog I’ve Encountered’ is a reality program that directly rescues children suffering from abandonment and abuse for the first time in the history of broadcasting, and finds a new family through rehabilitation processes such as treatment and socialization education through ‘joint temporary protection’. Not only actor Jo Yoon-hee, but also pet lovers from various fields all came out. Chef Lee Yeon-bok, the master of lunch and the father of a born-again dog Singer Tiffany Young, who has been involved in the abandoned dog adoption campaign since Girls’ Generation, and comedian Heo Kyung-hwan, who surprised people with confessing his dog phobia, although he raises a dog. In the ‘About Pet-The Dog I’ve Encountered’ specially designed for puppies, we will present a miracle-like change to children who have suffered from extraordinary experiences and love.

Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Yeon-bok, Tiffany Young, and Heo Kyung-hwan write down a growing drama of laughter and emotion with abandoned dogs, ‘About Pet-The Dog I’ve Encountered’ first broadcast at 10:35 pm on the 17th.

Photo courtesy of SBS

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