[Photo] Kim Hyung-in and Choi Jae-wook were tried on charges of launching an illegal gambling site

'불법도박장 개설 혐의'를 받고 있는 개그맨 김형인, 최재욱(오른쪽)이 9일 오전 서울 남부지방법원에서열린 두 번째 공판을 마치고 법원을 빠져 나가고 있다. 2020.12.9./뉴스1

[Reporter Yoo Yong-Seok, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedians Kim Hyung-in and Choi Jae-wook are leaving the court after completing the second trial on charges of opening an illegal gambling site held at the Seoul Southern District Court in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 9th.


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