Chae Rina “I support Shin Jung-hwan, it’s okay people criticize me”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Chae Rina from the group Lula mentioned Shin Jung-hwan.

On the 9th, Chae Rina appeared in the web entertainment ‘The Era of the Big Star’, which was released on the YouTube channel ‘Betsangi Entertainment’.

In the video that day, Kim Moon-jeong, who met in the video, said, “Chae Rina is a personality that acts with her confidence and with her own firm will.” It’s not good, but it keeps failing,”

Afterwards, Chae Rina said, “I’m sorry I wanted to promote it. So I posted a request to subscribe to Shin Jung-hwan’s YouTube channel on my SNS. It’s okay even though many people criticize me. Because that’s my belief.”

On the other hand, ‘The Era of the Big Star’ is an entertainment program in which six shamans who have no taboo and sanctuary gather to invite guests to talk.

Photo|Capture of Grasshopper Entertainment YouTube

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