‘Dance Dung’ Moon Se-yoon, dance game challenge…”Machine is just a machine” (ft. Not a YouTuber)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Moon Se-yoon challenges to achieve the dance game Megastar.

In the web entertainment ‘Dance Dung From Today’ released on the 10th, Moon Se-yoon will conduct a dance collaboration with YouTuber Haji, who won second place in the 2019 Just Dance Contest.

When Moon Se-yoon said, “A machine is just a machine,” he showed confidence in just dance. YouTuber Haji said, “I catch every action with a camera,” and that it is never easy to achieve a megastar.

The production crew said that in the five grades of Easy, Normal, Difficult, and Extreme, all of them must receive five stars for their dance skills to get home.

So Moon Se-yoon challenged the first song, saying, “Let’s finish quickly and go to eat”, but failed to acquire five stars. Then, he said to dance with the nursery rhyme of ‘Baby Shark’ and convinced Haji to dance, “It’s a famous song, and it’s got a lot of hits.”

Since then, Twice’s FANCY and Psy’s NEW FACE have been challenged to verify their dance skills.

Whether Moon Se-yoon can successfully complete the mission of Just Dance can be confirmed on the YouTube channel ‘Delicious Guys’ at 6 pm on the day.


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