‘Hush’ Lim Yoon-ah “There was no reason to do anything to appear in Hwang Jung-min.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lim Yoon-ah revealed the reason why she chose ‘Hush’ after leaving her love calls behind her numerous works.

At the online production presentation of JTBC’s new Friday and Saturday drama ‘Hush’ (director Choi Kyu-sik, playbook Kim Jung-min) held at 2 pm on the 10th, Lim Yoon-ah said, “When I select a work, I think about ‘what new side can I show you’.” “The drama’s atmosphere, the character, and the drama seemed to be able to show a new image that I haven’t shown before.”

She added, “There was no room for distress. Above all, the script was so much fun, and it seemed that there were many parts to relate to. Also, since Hwang Jung-min said he was doing it, there was no reason not to do it.”

‘Lee Ji-soo’, played by Lim Yoon-ah, is a person with a realistic belief that’Bob is stronger than a pen’, and is a survival-type intern reporter who goes straight with passion and ambition to protect his creed.

She introduced that the attractiveness of ‘Lee Ji-soo’ is “the most attractive straightforward thing to say,” and “there is a daunting charm of acting with a reason.”

In order to show off the character of ‘Lee Ji-soo’, Lim Yoon-ah transformed into short hair, and even visited a real newspaper to explore a job.

‘Hush’ is a growing period of both the growth period of ‘the deceased person’ reporter Han Joon-hyuk (Hwang Jung-min) and ‘survival’ intern Lee Ji-soo (Lim Yoon-ah), who says that Bob is stronger than a pen, and a salary-bearer reporter’s life is depicted.

It will be broadcast for the first time at 11 pm on the 11th (Fri).


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