[Interview] ‘I Live Alone’ PD “We haven’t ever noticed that Lee Si-eon’s departure would lead his marriage rumor to spread”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Si-eon (38) gets off at ‘I Live Alone’ after 5 years. It was said that he will focus on his career as an actor, but public interest was focused on whether to marry his lover Seo Ji-seung.

On the 9th, Lee Si-eon announced through the SNS, “I am going to leave this year for the last time I have been with ‘I Live Alone’ for the past 5 years.” Accordingly, PD Hwang Ji-young of ‘I Live Alone’ sent a support in regret.

In a telephone interview with Maeil Business Daily Star Today, PD Hwang praised Lee Si-eon as “a member that can be said to be the core of the rainbow members.” Unlike entertainers, actors may be worried about fixing entertainment. As much as Lee Si-eon has decided to get off, they support him.”

There are many fans who are surprised by the sudden drop-off announcement, but Lee Si-eon said that she had been talking with the production crew about long drop-offs. PD Hwang said, “It was a sudden news for viewers, but in fact, we have been discussing getting off the bus from around summer. As an actor with a separate main job, his work will be important. Revealed.

Lee Si-eon is the last to drop off for studio shooting next week. Afterwards, the appearance of attending a special broadcast or the year-end awards ceremony will be released. PD Hwang said, “I thought we should make an episode that sends Lee Si-eon well. It will be released through a trailer at the end of this week, but it will take two weeks to go on a farewell trip with the rainbow members. Even at the year-end awards ceremony with the rainbow members. We are going to appear together, so the viewers will be able to break up a little slowly,” she said, “please look at it with affection.”

Lee Si-eon decided to get off ‘I live alone’ in order to devote himself to acting, but his interest was focused on whether it was for marriage with his lover Seo Ji-seung (32).

Hwang PD responded to the ‘marriage rumor’, saying, “Neither the production crew nor Lee Si-eon, nor did I ever thought that the marriage rumors would spread. Looking back, I guess it might have led to the wedding rumor because Yuk Jung-wan, who was a member of the rainbow, got off after getting married, so I guess it might have led to the wedding rumor. Both the production crew and Lee Si-eon were embarrassed by the unexpected, unexpected marriage rumor. I don’t think you thought deeply,” she said.

PD Hwang said, “I have a great heart to respect and support Lee Si-eon, who decided to get off for acting. I think this feeling of the production crew will be expressed in the remaining episodes. The story Lee Si-eon himself wants to say will also be revealed through the broadcast.” She asked fans to expect her TV show more.

PD Hwang asked for support for Jang Do-yeon and Son Dam-bi, who joined the studio members as well as regrets for Lee Si-eon leaving. PD Hwang reassured that “Lee Si-eon got off and Seong-hun was busy with dramas, he hasn’t been on studio for a while. New members come and go as studio members. Among them, Jang Do-yeon and Son Dam-bi are doing very well.”

PD Hwang mentioned that Jang Do-yeon was invited to the ‘MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards’ for the first time last year and won the Best Entertainer Award, and received an award at the first terrestrial awards ceremony after his debut. “I filmed with Park Na-rae the day after the awards ceremony. I was preparing for this, but the viewers liked it a lot, so I became a member of the studio.” She continued, “Park Na-rae is a member who gives strength to other members, although she has many difficulties in progressing in the studio. When a new live member arrives, she cheers for me and gives me a comment that makes me stand out.”

Regarding Son Dam-bi, she said, “I was the first live protagonist of the year. The reaction was so good. With her familiar moments, Son Dam-bi, who looks straight and looks straight while riding a bike, is attractive. Son Dam-bi also became a studio member because viewers liked it. It shows a different color of talk from the field.”

“There are many viewers who miss the popular members who appeared in the past, so the part of accepting the new rainbow members is not without a little slow. This year, due to COVID-19, we were unable to gather together. So the two I am sorry that it may seem that I was a little neglected.”

When asked if there were any difficulties in filming due to the pandemic, other than not being able to plan for various rainbow members to gather, Hwang PD said, “Aren’t all programs difficult now. There are definitely areas that have trouble shooting.” Still, the number of on-site production crews is surprisingly small as viewers know, as it is basic to show the life of one person, “I live alone”. It is small and has a high moral expectation as much as ‘I live alone’ is loved by people. “I made a lot of effort to be careful while avoiding contact with people as much as possible, such as going to places,” she explained.

Lastly, PD Hwang said, “Lee Si-eon, who has been active for 5 years, gets off to concentrate on his main job. The production team is also thinking a lot about how to manage ‘I live alone’ without Lee Si-eon. Other rainbow members have shown a lot of activities, too. Yes. I hope you will continue to watch you with unchanging affection. I will make it hard.”

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