‘Afternoon’s Hope’ Yoon Tae-jin x Shim Soo-chang “Professional Baseball Player of the Year is Kim Taek-jin and Yang Eui-ji” Year-end closing talk (General)

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Baseball goddess Yoon Tae-jin and LG Twins commentator Shim Soo-chang gave a year-end closing talk for professional baseball.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon’s Hope Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon’s Hope’) broadcast on the 11th, singer-songwriter Jung Mo instead of DJ Kim Shin-young, who was away on a personal schedule, appeared as a DJ. On this day, ‘Afternoon’s Hope’ was decorated with a special feature of ‘2020 Korean Professional Baseball Year-end Endings’, and sports announcer Yoon Tae-jin and baseball player commentator Shim Soo-chang appeared as guests.

DJ Jeong-mo introduced Shim Soo-chang, saying, “He’s a fortress lately entertainment sprout. He appeared in ‘Urban Fisherman 2’and appeared in ‘Radio Star’.” Shim Soo-chang thanked him, “I contacted you a lot around me. He told me that I saw it well.”

Then Jeong-mo said, “Yoon Tae-jin has a nickname of baseball goddess,” and Yoon Tae-jin said, “It’s because she was in charge of a baseball program rather than a baseball goddess. There was a goddess separately.” She said, “I missed Shim Soo-chang so much. I didn’t see Shim Soo-chang at the time of the announcement.”

On this day, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “Shim Soo-chang, who will be the KBO Golden Gloves this year?” Shim Soo-chang said, “I think the shortstop will probably receive Kiwoom Heroes Kim Ha-seong,” and showed a side like a commentator.

In order to organize the profile of Shim Soo-chang written on the portal site, Yoon Tae-jin prepared a ‘rewrite profile’ in the corner.

The first question was, “What is your score at the time of your career as a player?”, and Shim Soo-chang said, “It’s 100 points. I want to give me 100 points just because I have endured in the first group for more than 10 years.” On the other hand, when asked about the score as a commentator, he replied “50 points.” Shim Soo-chang explained his difficulties as a beginner commentator, saying, “It’s still difficult because it was a body-working job.”

Another question was “Is it a visual that fits within five fingers among baseball players?” Shim Soo-chang answered “yes” without hesitation, and then said, “It’s not because I’m good, but baseball players aren’t that great. So I think it’s going to be on my five fingers.” Yoon Tae-jin said, “To me, Shim Soo-chang was the best player.”

DJ Jeong-mo asked again, “Who is the player who thinks he is handsome except for himself?” Shim Soo-chang replied, “This is Lee Dae-hyung who was the LG Twins.” Jeong-mo said, “I take care of the LG family like this again,” causing listeners to laugh.

In the middle of the broadcast, DJ Jung Mo asked, “Shim Soo-Chang played the retirement ceremony at the goalkeeper’s house, not at the baseball field or press conference.”

Shim Soo-chang replied, “I am not a legend player, but I wasn’t great. My friends opened it at the goalkeeper’s house. Hang a banner.”

Jeong-mo said, “I also do that because Shim Soo-chang is so good at other people. It’s not easy for friends to hold a retirement ceremony at the goalkeeper’s house like that.” One listener even sent an emotional text saying, “Shim Soo-chang was the best for me.”

After listening to the song, DJ Jeong-mo started a full-fledged ‘baseball talk’. Jeong-mo asked, “Isn’t Korean professional baseball a little difficult this year?” and Yoon Tae-jin said, “It was a tough year especially because of COVID-19. The season started late, and the game was going to be unattended.”

Shim Soo-chang summarized the 2020 professional baseball, saying, “In particular, NC won a big win.” Yoon Tae-jin also explained, “I was thrilled that NC Dinos won the championship in 9 years since its inception. Especially, it was a game company, so it made a good view of the world. The championship ceremony that took out a sword also became a hot topic.”

Shim Soo-chang said, “The burden on the ceremony is growing. It’s bitter because I’ve never done it myself, but LG Twins made a joke to come out with an LG styler.”

DJ Jeong-mo asked, “Who is the person of the year in Korean professional baseball that commentator Shim Soo-chang thinks.”

First of all, Shim Soo-chang said, “This year, I am the NC Dinos catcher Yang Eui-ji.” Jeong-mo agreed, “It would have been more burdensome because I even came as a free agent, but it was great.”

Yoon Tae-jin said, “I would like to pick Kim Taek-jin, the owner of NC Dinos. Many seasons have gone on, but I think the owner has been attracting attention. When starting out as a new team, NC Dinos got a lot of curse. He replied that he was a good lead on how to effectively run baseball and how to do marketing.” Shim Soo-chang trembled, saying, “I am good at social life.”

Jeong-mo also asked, “If so, who is the ‘Second best player of the Year’ who slipped the most.” Shim Soo-chang said, “Lim Chang-gyu. When LG and Hanwha played a game in October, I wonder if the flow of the game would have changed if (Lim Chang-gyu) had not been replaced.”

In the second half of the broadcast, DJ Jeong-mo asked the two guests to greet the baseballs.

Shim Soo-chang said, “All baseball fans couldn’t visit the ballpark because of COVID-19. I hope that a good (vaccine) will come out sooner and come to the ballpark to cheer for next year.”

Yoon Tae-jin said, “How are you baseball fans. Greetings after a long time. I’m living well as ‘Nami Chun’. Let’s meet often.”

Meanwhile, sports announcer Yoon Tae-jin won the line at the 80th National Chun-Hyang Contest in 2010, and has the nickname ‘Nami Chun’ (I’m Miss Chun-hyang). He is communicating with fans through the YouTube channel ‘Nami Chun’.

Shim Soo-chang has been working as a commentator for MBC Sports Plus after retiring from LG Twins last year.


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