‘Awaken’ Namgoong Min “From Episode 5, the rice cakes are explosively released”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Awaken’ Namgoong Min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah, and Yun Seon-woo gathered their mouths and strongly recommended Episode 5, inflaming the desire to shoot at home.

tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Awaken’ (playplay Shin Yu-dam, directing Kim Jeong-hyun) on the 11th,’Day Nights’ Namgoong Min (as Do Jung-woo), Kim Seol-hyun (Gong Hye-won), Lee Chung-ah (Jamie), Yoon Sun-woo (Moon Jae-woong) The 3rd and 4th episodes of this ‘Awaken’ commentary video were released.

In particular, the released commentary video excited the viewers. The four people’s humorous moments and teamwork burst into laughter every time they speak. From the opening, the four people provoked a smile with a chemistry that paired with thumping. When Namgoong Min said, “This is Do Jung-woo who jumped into the fire at the ending of the fourth part,” Kim Seol-hyun said, “Gong Hye-won, who was watching Do Jung-woo jump into the fire.”, Lee Chung-ah said, “Jamie Layton was caught at that time,” and Yoon Sun-woo said, “I’m Moon Jae-woong who saw (all the scenes) on his phone.”

On the other hand, they picked only the parts that viewers were curious about and threw hints to raise interest. In the drama, Lee Chung-ah said, “I was suddenly dizzy and surprised” after eating the lollipop that Namgoong Min always holds in his mouth. Also, regarding Moon Jae-woong’s character, who often loses his memory, Yoon Sun-woo said, “I have a big trauma, but when I am placed in close thoughts or the surrounding environment, my body seems to react. I guess that this trauma will be related to our drama.” He drew attention by conveying a large-scale spo for the character of Moon Jae-woong hidden in a veil.

Above all, the four of them went to the 5th home shooter business with one heart and one mind, burning the desires of the viewers. Namgoong Min said, “The rice cakes we have thrown will continue to be released explosively,” and predicted that a more spectacular development will unfold starting from Episode 5. Subsequently, Kim Seol-hyun raised expectations by adding, “The moment the criminal is about to be revealed, another thing happens.” Lastly, Lee Chung-ah said, “There are so many things to see,” and “I was surprised to see the 5th episode.”

Moreover, Namgoong Min revealed the important story of the next episodes of ‘Awaken’, “The criminal is revealed in the 5th episode”. At the end of the video, Kim Seol-hyun also took over the words of Namgoong Min and echoed, “The criminal is revealed in the 5th episode.” The four people gathered their mouths and raised questions about what kind of development would unfold in episode 5, which is highly recommended.

tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Awaken’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM.


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