Kim Seong-eun and Jeong Jo-guk, Happy Family Photo

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Seong-eun has released a picture of her family.

On the 11th, Kim Seong-eun posted a photo on Instagram with a post saying, “Wow, the whole family of five. It feels so full! It’s so pretty. Our family together! I love my family~”

In the photo, Kim Seong-eun, Jeong Jo-guk couple and their three children are photographed. Kim Seong-eun in a dress sits side by side with Jeong Jo-guk in a tuxedo and smiles brightly. The three siblings Tae-ha, Yoon-ha, and Jae-ha are also wearing small dresses and tuxedos, sitting quietly and staring at the camera. The lovely appearance of the children catches the eye.

Meanwhile, Kim Seong-eun married Jeong Jo-guk in 2009 and has two sons and one daughter. After joining Anyang LG in 2003, Jeong Jo-guk, who has shown outstanding skills and has been a player for about 18 years, ended his career with a retirement press conference on the 9th.

Photo| Seong-eun Kim SNS
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