Moon Hee-kyung “I feel Kwon Yul and Park Ha-sun in ‘Daughter-in-law’ like real son and daughter-in-law” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Moon Hee-kyung, who emerged as a ‘Middle-aged Wannabe’ by revealing the spirit of challenge and passion, conducted the January issue of AtStyle (@star1).

In this pictorial, she perfectly digested the girl crush suit concept to elegant dress styling, leading the praise of the staff.

Recently, she plays the role of a mother-in-law ‘Park Ki-dong’ on Kakao TV’s ‘Daughter-in-law’ and shows the reality version of bad parents-in-law, who poorly treats their daughter-in-law, reflecting the real troubles of many Korean families. When asked about her work with Kwon Yul and Park Ha-sun, she said, “Set’s chemistry is really good. I feel Kwon-yul like my son, and Ha-sun also feels like my daughter-in-law. The closeness is good, so I can immerse myself in acting.”

Through this interview, she also revealed her regret that only a limited role came in as a middle-aged actress. “I am prolific without stopping, but all of them come in only mother roles. I always have a great thirst for new acting.”

Moon Hee-kyung is prominent in various fields such as musicals and hip-hop as well as drama acting activities. Not long ago, she participated in MBN ‘Voice Trot’ and showed her level of trot skills. “It was an unreasonable result. I learned a lot while competing with my young friends.”

She also showed her extraordinary love for hip-hop. She said, “I sometimes wrote a hip-hop song by myself. Even now, copyright fees are steadily incurred about 23,000 won a month.”

Moon Hee-kyung, who does not stop challenging even though she is a middle-aged, is referred to as the ‘icon of challenge’. She said, “I’m over fifty years old, but my passion hits young people. Next time, I want to challenge the dance, especially the tango dance.”

Meanwhile, actor Moon Hee-kyung’s pictorial and interview can be found in the January 2021 issue of Star & Style magazine AtStyle.

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