“Radio Star” side “Revising Kim Jin-ho’s photo… sorry for those who felt inconvenient” [Official]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Radio Star’ said it was working on a correction while using an inappropriate photo.

MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ said on Maeil Business Daily Star Today on the 11th, “We are aware of the fact and are currently working on a quick correction and reflecting it in the VOD service. We apologize to all those who used the photo by accident and felt inconvenience.”

‘Radio Star’ apologized for revealing inappropriate photos in the broadcast on the 9th. In the broadcast, Juck-jae an episode related to SG Wannabe singer Kim Jin-ho.

He said that people who were crying on the stage in the past did not understand, but after meeting SG Wannabe Kim Jin-ho, his mind changed. When he said that he did not understand, Kim Jin-ho said, “You will be playing your music in the future, and let’s talk about it again when the day comes when you have your own stage.” Afterwards, he explained that he shed tears unknowingly at the first concert and made eye contact with Kim Jin-ho in the crowd.

Accordingly, one performer said, “He was watching, like a grim reaper,” and on the screen, a picture of Kim Jin-ho’s face was CG processed as if he was wearing a grim reaper’s clothes. However, one netizen said that this photo was inappropriate.

This photo was taken at the funeral of Chae Dong-ha, the late singer from SG Wannabe. This netizen pointed out that “out of many and many photos, many people wondered why this photo was exported to broadcast,” and said, “It’s a problem that I don’t know and use it without properly confirming it.

As this fact became known, netizens poured out requests to change the picture on the ‘Radio Star’ viewers’ bulletin board.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture
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