‘Sleeping’ Gong Yu-rim, the nasty new character

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Rookie actress Gong Yu-rim showed her acting to the public with a drama ‘Sleeping’.

In the KBS Drama Special 2020 ‘Sleeping’, which aired on the 10th, Gong Yu-rim appeared as an assistant in the hair shop in the play.

Yeon-kyung(Gong Yu-rim), who appeared as the youngest assistant in a hair shop like Choi Hong-ju (played by Kim Bo-ra), instilled a strange sense of tension and vitality at the same time. Yeon-kyung tricks Hong-ju, who is in the care of customers, to deliver neutralizers that are not properly closed and pour them on the faces of the customers, while telling manager Song (Hwang Bo-ra) that she lives in secret in the hair shop side room and punishes Hong-ju It caused damage and made an exciting development.

Afterwards, Hong-ju, who ended up living with him in his house, was forced to return to a hair shop late at night, where he had a quick-washed relationship and an absurd encounter. It turns out that Yeon-kyung used a sleazy and subtle trick to expel Hong-ju in order to stay in the side room of the hair shop. Yeon-kyung consistently made viewers angry with a shameless attitude with heartache.

Unlike his lovely appearance, Gong Yu-rim perfectly depicts a sleazy character who takes nasty actions to escape his situation and get what he wants, and played an active part as a scene stealer to enhance the immersion of the play.

Boasting a fresh charm, Gong Yu-rim has won the lead in the drama ‘Touch’, the web drama ‘Woowoong Woowoong’, and ‘Alang Malang’. She is playing an active part as a ‘web drama queen’ and making her career as an actress.


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