Song Gang pictorial behind-the-scenes cut released

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Gang amplified the expectations for ‘Sweet Home’.

The behind-the-scenes cut of actor Song Gang’s magazine ‘Marie Claire’ has been released and is drawing attention. Following the pictorial in the December issue, which drew attention with a dazzling visual in a warm rural landscape, his behind-the-scenes look outside the camera is intact.

As soon as the photo shoot begins, he has a lonesome and grim atmosphere for him, who captures the winter sensibility with his deep eyes and facial expressions. In particular, his appearance as one with nature makes him feel even the loneliness of winter, which stands out in the photo shoot. It admires the expressiveness.

On the other hand, for Song Gang in everyday life other than photo shoots, the season of winter cannot be found. He enjoys the scene with his unique lovely and playful charm, warmly melting the hearts of viewers. Song Gang’s professionalism, which does not lose laughter even during busy filming, as well as perfect concept digestibility, made the staff at the scene smile and colored the outdoor shooting site with warmth.

On the other hand, his behind-the-scenes cut, full of various charms that cannot be defined in a single word, amplifies expectations for the main character Netflix original series ‘Sweet Home,’ which will be released on the 18th. In particular, his appearance, which is 180 degrees different from the recently released ‘Sweet Home’ poster and still cut, stimulates even the curiosity of the acting spectrum that Song Kang will show in the future.

Following Netflix’s original series, ‘Love Alarm’, we can see what his challenge to rewrite the history of ‘Sweet Home’ Cha Hyun-soo once again on Netflix on December 18th.

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